About us

Y THIS NEWS is an initiative of Raavi Media, is a New Generation Online Media, which brings wealthy knowledge of information from PRINT  media and Candid yet Fluid presentation from TV Media together for our online users with the help of dedicated journalists team of about 30 years experience.

Y THIS NEWS  is the first of its kind web portal in Urdu, Roman Urdu, and English that is designed to be a primary source of news and information for the entire Indian community. Not only does it provide News, but also provides a plethora of information on a vast range of subjects such as Happenings in Hyderabad, Telangana, India & World, Crime, Sports, Health, Business, Entertainment, Research and Creations, and much more.

Dream of empowering over 60 lakh Hyderabadis across the world to stay connected with their motherland [from Web, Phone, Tablet, and other Smart devices] multiplies, Raavi Media team energy is to bring the best into www.ythisnews.com portal